The Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems

Clean environments, regenerative agriculture, nutritional health, and freedom are the four cornerstones supporting every economy.

Here you will find discussions related to each of these cornerstones. Why? Because a focus on the cornerstones gives us tools and ideas we can use to stabilize those forces that are necessary to win the wars against climate change, environmental decline, and growing economic disparity.

Illustrates the cornerstones of environment, agriculture, health, and freedom as the cornerstones of healthy food systems.
  • A clean environment supplies clean air and water, living soil, and those natural resources that support life on earth
  • Regenerative agriculture. Forget the semantics. I’m talking about sustainable, organic approaches that build good soil and restore our natural resources while improving food quality.
  • Natural health and nutrition, not to defy medical science, but to promote preventive health. Eating good food grown in healthy soil and minimizing risks that damage health can make health care costs manageable.
  • Freedom is the force that allows us to adapt to our environment. Personal responsibility and stewardship, important qualities for restoring our environment and our economy, can only evolve in a society where the people affected by policies have a meaningful voice in establishing policies.

Meet the Author

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I am a biologist who specializes in the living communities (we call them microbiomes) that drive human and environmental health. I am also a New Mexico native, with roots in the desert southwest spaning at least 5 centuries.